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ICRA training in pittsburgh, onsite, and online.

A more advanced class than the eight-hour offering, it is designed for general contractors, prime contractors and maintenance supervisors. In addition to covering all the information in the eight-hour curriculum, this class covers the techniques for constructing hard-wall barriers for highest risk projects. The more extensive hands-on exercise (one-day) allow participants to construct a containment using drywall and metal framing. The participants will attach a functioning anteroom to the entrance of the controlled work zone then put the area under negative pressure. Students will then calculate the air change rate and measure the negative pressure differential relative to the uncontrolled space using a standard digital manometer. The student must pass a 25-question multiple choice quiz with a 70% or better score. Upon completion each student receives a signed certificate of attendance, photo ID wallet card and hard hat sticker.

There are no currently scheduled classes, however PTA can conduct this course for groups either at our training center or onsite at a client's facility. Contact Greg Ashman for further information.


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