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From Now Until November 1

We’re offering $75.00 off the regularly scheduled price of $250.00 for all ICRA 8-Hour courses. This is an excellent opportunity if you still need people certified to work in healthcare facilities. You can check the available dates on the Courses page but call to register and get the discount.


Resumption of In-Person Training

In addition to conducting online training for asbestos, lead-based paint, ICRA, hazwoper, and others, we resumed conducting in-person classes in June, 2020. For all in-person training we follow CDC and PA DoH guidelines, which includes limits on class size (two spacious classrooms), physical distancing and mandatory face coverings. All student touchable surfaces are regulary disinfected.


Distance Learning Update

We're getting close to a year since we began offering PA DoLI and WV DHHR asbestos refreshers online and we feel it's been a big success. We offer the classes typically during the third week of each month. There are computer requirements to join the class, so if you're interested, email us using the form below.


New PA DEP Notification requirements

Per DEP:

Notice: Effective January 16, 2021, all initial Asbestos Notifications must be accompanied a $300 fee. Initial notifications will not be considered complete unless accompanied by the fee. This fee does not apply to revisions of notifications. The Saturday, January 16, 2021 effective date is the result of a three-year regulatory process and will be finalized upon publication in the Pennsylvania Bulletin on that date. This fee will help address the long-term disparity between revenue and expenditures in DEP’s Air Quality Program. Further information can be found here:


ICRA 8-Hr Online Training

PTA offers and 8-hour ICRA course entitled Infection Controls in Healthcare Construction. The course is comprehensive and in addition to instruction on containment, work practices, and engineering controls necessary to prevent the spread of infectious agents within the healthcare environment, the student will gain knowledge on what a Healthcare-Aquired Infection (HAI) is and what means are used to control and mitigate these hazards that can lead to approximately 100,000 deaths yearly.

Our Instructors

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Acknowledging that any successful student is an engaged student, our mission is to not only provide our students with comprehensible, engaging training, but to inspire each learner to create within themselves the possibility of a safe occupational future.


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